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    Emblema and aMotoMio in New Zealand

    The bikers of aMotoMio conquered New Zealand, trying out Emblema, the Italian glasses designed to be worn under a helmet.

    Here’s the full, original excerpt from Fagna & Cri's article, which you can also find on aMotoMio. We’re happy to publish it in full, and thank you for this testimonial, which concisely sums up the true benefits of our glasses created primarily for motorcycle riders.

    "Our tests: Emblema glasses - New Zealand test

    The avatar that I use as my signature says a lot. The glasses stand out because I have always worn sunglasses under my helmet. Of course in recent years with the advent of helmets – especially touring helmets – with an internal sun visor it’s easier, but I’m convinced that there are many of us who prefer a pair of glasses to the helmet’s visor.

    There are a variety of reasons including habit, the absence of strange reflections, a customised choice of lens, no distortion of vision even when only looking down at the dashboard....or perhaps simply just because (and why not?) the glasses are “cooler”.

    So on paper the choice is clear. Then there's the practical side, finding glasses that fit under the helmet without deforming, that don’t bother me while I'm riding, meaning that they don't hurt me especially if I travel a lot of kilometres, easy to put on, good looking and above all, as mentioned at the beginning, with the right lens, suited to my needs. The market offers a variety of options, but for a whole series of coincidences we got to know, value and finally test Emblema's glasses, made in Italy, or rather to be more precise made in Vicenza. And to combine business with pleasure, since we were warned of a particularly strong light in New Zealand we decided to take them with us.

    The choice of the style was by no means easy as the production is truly wide-ranging, and of course not only dedicated to the biker world, but just the fact that the “big boss” is a motorcyclist says a lot about the attention to design and ergonomics of every single pair of glasses. And so in 20 days on the road we found ourselves putting on and taking off our glasses through our helmets at least 10 to 15 times a day, easily and without any stress or discomfort. And you know how we are, if we like a product we want to share the experience, all the more so if it’s a product made in Italy.

    The choice of lenses

    With patience we took more than an hour to choose the styles and lens. For me, I chose a lighter lens, shaded at the bottom. I wanted it that way so that by tilting my head slightly the view is more or less dark, so that it doesn’t create any issues in tunnels, and so that it can even be used with that annoying half light.... You know that light when it's a bit cloudy but you can't keep your eyes open? That's it. Cristina, on the other hand, whose eyes are much more sensitive to light, chose a significantly darker lens. The beta titanium frame is incredibly lightweight.

    In short, in our humble opinion it’s a very good product for motorcycling.

    I’ll just add, and this is an opinion that we both share, that in the panorama of sunglasses/eyeglasses used for motorbikes there’s a new manufacturer that produces with style, quality... and above all passion....a lot of passion, which perhaps today gives that extra boost necessary for making something special. So, spring is just around the corner, try them out, look for them...but beware because you risk ending up like us, i.e. never wanting to part with them again.

    Emblema Glasses #proven and approved #amotomio."


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    We are proud to announce the partnership with Jarno Joverno, a young and promising professional motorcycle pilot in the Superbike category.

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